3 Elements of Client Service

Chalance: The culture, essence, and embodiment of all things chalant; propelling all of our drive, purpose, positive energy, and kindness towards wowing our clients



We’re all in. We are a customer service organization. Our mission to be “chalant” and to have drive, purpose, and passion in all that we do has created a culture of chalance that guides our decisions and strategies each and every day. There are quite a few learning and development companies that have great products or some that have a strong operational system to serve thousands of clients, but there isn’t a single training company out there that can beat us when it comes to service and chalance.


There are three elements that drive what we do and how we treat our clients.


1. We are easy to work with.

There is no hassle or bureaucracy, and there definitely is no drama. We know our clients’ work and jobs are hard enough, so we want to make it as simple and easy to do business with us as possible. Sure, we have guidelines and agreements like any other good business, but we don’t have any extra hoops to jump through. We are fast and efficient with those to-do’s that just need to get done, and we are thorough, sharp, and clever when it comes to best-in-class deliverables. We want feedback and perspective so we can serve each individual the best, and we won’t dance around anything – except maybe after a successful client project.


2. We deliver unexpected delightfulness.

You know that feeling when you discover a handwritten note nestled in the middle of all those bills? Or that utter joy when you put your hand in the pocket of the jeans you haven’t worn in months, and you pull out a $10 bill? Or what about that happiness when you’re rummaging through the can of mixed nuts and you unearth the final almond amongst the peanuts? Yes! That’s what JB delivers. It’s a small touch – something friendly or kind or thoughtful. It probably doesn’t cost a lot in dollars, but it takes time and it takes knowing who our clients are. We know the people we serve, and we think about them, and we deliver something unexpected and quite delightful.


3. We make everything better.

We want to help our clients and their business. When they have a problem, we want them to think of JB and how we can solve it. We will make their learning better and their employees better and their business better. Oh, and if they’re having a rough day or a tough month, we want to make that better too. We’re positive and bright and sharp. We’re fun and funny. We simply love to help.


August 28, 2015