5 Must-Knows About Millennial Managers

How are millennial managers changing the game?


Millennials are taking over the U.S. Workforce. We’re seeing that 28 percent of these working millennials are now in management positions, and two-thirds see themselves in a management role within the next decade. What does this growing number of millennial managers mean for your workplace? Parade Magazine teamed up with the Founder and CEO of JB Training Solutions, Brad Karsh, to discuss what these young leaders are doing to change the game. 


Karsh explains why millennial managers are focused more on working together as a team instead of having a hierarchy in the workplace. This collaborative preference is attributed to years of team sports and group projects in school. It’s becoming more evident that spot coaching and frequent feedback is highly preferred and is more beneficial than the stuffy annual review. When praise and appreciation are the biggest drivers for every generation, it is only fitting that feedback is becoming more frequent. Millennial managers are noticing that it’s not necessarily a promotion or more money that will make their employee happy. A huge contributor to happiness at the workplace for millennials is knowing that their job makes a difference. Karsh explains how millennial employees want to find a sense of purpose in their work. 


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April 11, 2016