A Year in Six Months

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2015- What a year!


I know we’re only half-way through it, but it seems like we have just experienced a year (or two’s) worth of excitement in six short months here at JB Training Solutions.


In the first six months alone we have launched a new website (www.jbtrainingsolutions.com), created a new logo, rebranded ourselves as JB Training, A Chalant® Company, renamed many of our courses, developed a new look for most of our PowerPoint presentations, brought on two amazing new trainers– Tavia Bowers here in Chicago, and Huma Qazi in London, moved to a new office on Chicago’s Northside and just completed the most successful six months in our company’s 12-year history. Whew!


On the personal front, our team has also experienced some incredible change. Allison Lackey is now Allison Peschel and Nicole Scime is now Nicole Bushman. No, they didn’t randomly feel the need for a name change, they both got married! It’s been incredible for me to be a part of these extraordinary life milestones and to get to share in the joy of such wonderful occasions. And not to feel left out, Sarah is moving into her first-ever condo and Julie has an apartment move as well.


Finally, and perhaps most exciting for me are the work milestones celebrated this year. Allison and Nicole both began at our company on the same day in 2010 and celebrated their 5-year anniversaries in May. And Courtney, my first employee, celebrated her 10-year anniversary in June. How about that for all of you who don’t believe that Millennials are company loyal!


In recognition of their tenure, but more importantly their exceptional work and contributions, Allison was promoted to Director of Client Service and Nicole was promoted to Director of Operations. Leading them is our new President – Courtney Templin!


I just wanted to give a shout out for all of the amazing work this team has done throughout our “year-in- six-months” 2015. We’re going to make sure we celebrate the accomplishments, but don’t expect the foot to come off of the accelerator anytime soon.

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July 7, 2015