Cold Office Hacks

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in my office.”


That was the Mark Twain quote, right?


As I glance at a thermometer reading 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit, I think Mr. Twain might have been onto something.


The hot topic this week is a cold one. The New York Times, Mashable, and NPR all published stories on the scientific reason why women always feel cold in their office. They are calling it The Great Arctic Office Conspiracy. The average temperature of offices was set to accommodate a 40 year old man in a suit.  But, as you look around your own office you might notice not many people are wearing suits, and a 40 year old man doesn’t represent the average corporate employee in 2015.


But, as you keep reading about how cold offices are, in really cold office, you will probably start to feel even colder. Until your building manager approves your petition and turns down the A-C here are a few must haves to get you through those cold summer days.


What to say when a friend crashes on your couch for the weekend…

Bring out that old blanket. It might boast your sorority letters or favorite baseball team but it will keep you toasty the whole day through. There is one qualification, it must be washer/dryer friendly. You don’t want to be that person with spaghetti sauce from Summer ‘06 on there.



I too can’t believe this exists, but it is completely necessary. Make sure you take a break a few hours every day to avoid Toasted Skin Syndrome. (Don’t click the link… its gross)




(You clicked the link didn’t you?) So your legs are blanketed and properly radiated, but what about those icicles you used to call hands aching with every keystroke? We have found the remedy in this personal heater.


Take a deep breath

In Ariana Huffingtons’ book Thrive she shares her findings on how we actually stop breathing when responding to e-mail.  Breathing helps you more effectively regulate your body temperature, so practice mindfulness and breathe a little better today.


I breathe therefore I drink coffee

Here, here! In a 65 degree office, you probably notice your much needed coffee turning iced in a matter of minutes. Avoid the extra trips to the microwave and keep your coffee warm with this useful gadget.




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August 6, 2015