Creating a Culture of Feedback

Every organization has a formal process for giving feedback.  Many managers tend to struggle when it comes to delivering constructive criticism early and often. Tensions can become high when your colleagues aren’t empowered to have regular feedback conversations with direct reports and peers.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when building a culture of feedback at your organization:



1. Build a common language for understanding each other


Is it wrong, or just not how you would do it?  Encourage your teammates to take a personality styles quiz to understand how each employee operates in the workplace.  Recall these styles before you engage in a one-on-one feedback conversation.


2. Plan your conversations


You want to encourage a dialogue rather than a monologue, so we recommend the 6 S’s to keep the conversation light, informational, and two-sided:


Small Buffer
State issue
Show proof
Signal importance
Set expectation
Secure acceptance


3. Gain buy in from all levels


Decisionmakers might be more difficult to convert because of their loyalty to the annual review. Include employees across multiple departments and various levels to create a grassroots movement of sorts. When you begin to roll out the new idea, you’ll see less shellshock because people felt involved in the process.



For more information about how you can bring this program to your organization, visit our training page for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Giving and Receiving Feedback.

June 27, 2017