Effective Communication Skills Valuable in your 20’s

How can I develop effective communication skills today?


The first few years in the workforce is tough for every professional, and it is also the best time to get ahead in your career and learn effective communication skills. We have seen so many professionals wait to take their development seriously, until they are ten or even twenty years into their career. But, Courtney Templin, President of JB Training Solutions, shares a few reasons you need to develop your skills ASAP in Money Magazine.


Courtney suggests setting monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals consistently. These will help keep you on track and your own development will never get pushed to the back-burner. Also, be upfront with clients, coworkers, and bosses about wanting feedback. In most situations, feedback comes at the end of a big project, so why not ask for a mid-way check point to see how you are doing. 


Read the entire article on becoming an effective communicator in your 20’s: http://time.com/money/4165956/career-moves-your-20s/


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January 5, 2016