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It is never easy to stay up to date on the newest trends, now add a busy work week on top of that and it can feel nearly impossible. To make things a bit easier for all of you HR professionals, we have collected 5 things to know about the intersection of HR and Social Media. There are a lot of tools to leverage, and we have provided a step-by-step process to guide you through it. 



Get Everyone On Board
Social media starts from within. If you are encouraging employees to update their LinkedIn presence (for example) make sure it is coming from the top. It might be necessary to have a sit down conversation with the leaders of your organization to show exactly what steps they should be making to have a crisp, professional, and fun personality online, especially on LinkedIn


What you say when another ring pops up on your newsfeed…
It’s time to get engaged! Social media isn’t just for the outsiders, it’s a great tool to engage the employees you already have. Be proactive and create a Facebook or LinkedIn group for employees to plan events, or swap best practices. Be thorough and make sure you invite every employee, even from Day 1. Siemens, for example, created a global Facebook group to allow employees to network and learn from each other from anywhere on earth. No matter how big your company might be social media can connect a company from across the world.  


Carve Out Time
It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you should be spending at least one hour a week thinking about how you can use social media to become a stronger HR leader. This will aid in recruitment, retention, and engagement strategies without a huge time or money investment. Here are some ideas for spending that time:


  • Check Glassdoor to see/respond to any new reviews
  • Google “Social media and HR” to stay up to date on any trends, or local events on the topic
  • Meet with one employee each week on how to ramp up their LinkedIn
  • Engage with groups on LinkedIn to aid in recruiting and your own professional development


Train like a social butterfly
Millennials consistently rank training and development as their top requirements for a new job, so why not showcase your training opportunities? Employees are more likely to see this information and attend if you promote your next training via social media. Also, this will show potential employees how accessible your opportunities are.  


Get Crafty
Do you have a fun, weird or crazy idea? Then do it. Social media is all about innovation, and reinvention and it’s done by the user… you! Think outside the box. For example, Warby Parker sends monthly e-mails where executives at the company are asked silly questions. One might include “What is the last text you got?” This shows transparency, visibility, and a fun way to connect your executives to employees without the trite “open door policy.”    

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August 13, 2015

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