JB Spotlight: Courtney Templin


Courtney Templin: Chicago Scholars 35 Under 35 Honoree 


JB Training Solutions President, Courtney Templin, has been named one of Chicago Scholars 35 under 35 Young Leaders Making an Impact. The 35 under 35 awards was created to recognize talented young professionals in Chicago who are making an impact on youth. Courtney serves on the Associate Board for Chicago Scholars, an organization dedicated to resolving the fundamental barriers to success for academically driven, first generation college students from under-resourced communities. We connected with Courtney to congratulate her on this amazing achievement and to get a deeper look into her involvement with Chicago Scholars.

JB: How did you get your start with Chicago Scholars?

CT: I was introduced to Chicago Scholars as a member of the Young Professionals of Chicago. Our YPC group volunteered to interview high school students as part of Chicago Scholars’ interview nights, and I absolutely was hooked from that moment. I was wowed by the students who were so focused, driven, and inspirational despite any obstacles or challenges they had experienced in their lives.  I knew these students would go on to change our world, and I wanted to be involved with an organization that was supporting them along the way. 


JB: What is it about Chicago Scholars that keeps you coming back?
CT: I have volunteered with Chicago Scholars for over seven years because of the students and the positive impact that Chicago Scholars has on their future – both their college and career experiences.  I know what an impact a strong education and solid mentors can have on a young person’s life, so it’s easy to give when you see so much good coming from the organization.  I am filled with hope when I see these students succeeding and making a difference on their campuses and in the community.  I also am inspired by the structure and community that Chicago Scholars has built. They are truly helping lift, launch, and lead students that represent all of our Chicago neighborhoods.  Their mission is crystal clear, so it’s easy to get and stay involved.

JB: What is your favorite Chicago Scholars moment?

CT: One of my favorite moments was career coaching a Chicago Scholar and helping her think through her options for colleges.  We thought through the pros and cons of taking the leap to attend her dream school, Georgetown University, and it was wonderful to see the light in her eyes when she was able to articulate what she really wanted but was tentative to admit.  Taking that leap was not the most practical decision and it was outside of her comfort zone, but I loved seeing her connect with and accept her true and high aspirations.  Now, I see her doing amazing things and shining as a notable student leader at this prestigious school.  She is impacting our world in a big way, and I know she will continue to do so.


JB: What was your reaction when you learned that you had won this award? 
CT: “What?!?!  Really??  Wow!”  I am completely honored and humbled to be recognized and to be in the company of such inspiring leaders in our city. 


JB: What does being a “35 under 35” recipient mean to you?
CT: I take this honor to heart, and I see it as a continued call to action as well.  Chicago Scholars constantly inspires me to think about how I can make an impact in our city and continue to develop our future leaders.


Courtney will be honored at this year’s Chicago Scholars Untied Gala on April 29th. Congratulations, Courtney!





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April 8, 2016