Join Jeff Hiller at SHRM Talent Management in Chicago!

The Director of Learning and Development and lead content developer for JB Training Solutions, Jeff Hiller, will be presenting on Generation Z at the SHRM Talent Management conference in Chicago this April. You can learn more about the conference, session, and Jeff Hiller below:


SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition: Hyatt Regency Chicago: April 24-26


Meet the Globals: What You Need to Know Now About Gen Z

We’ve heard about the Millennials, but what about the Globals, who are already entering your offices as interns? Shifting away from the Millennial mindset, the Globals are shaping up to be a realistic, go-getter, “insta-gen” that truly has had influences from around the world since birth. This session will uncover how this generation will please those from Generation X but frustrate their Millennial managers. This session will help you:


·         Learn which generational workplace trends Globals will emulate and which they will reject.

·         Gain perspective on how to capitalize on their entrepreneurial spirit to make them more effective within their roles.

·         Recognize how their multicultural acceptance creates a one-world mindset that will expand virtual and local business into new sectors/environments.

·         Understand how to teach this generation to convert their overload of data into accessible and useful knowledge.

·         Learn to outline new career titles and nonlinear career progressions that will allow for Globals to follow and develop their skills and interests.



Jeff Hiller delivers interactive programs to build respected leaders, effective managers and world class communicators. Jeff started at Leo Burnett in Chicago, becoming their youngest VP Account Director ever and earning 7 American Marketing Association EFFIE Awards. He later owned a high end retail chain in Texas, was Marketing / Creative Director for the Houston Rockets, and VP Marketing for Four Hands Imports, a 3-time Inc 500 Fastest Growing company. Jeff currently consults on business skills, sales and marketing for many Top 100 companies such as Marriott, Phillips 66, Allianz, Eli Lilly and the IPG and Publicis ad agency groups. Jeff graduated with honors from Dartmouth College.

March 13, 2017