Most of us are familiar with the Pay-It-Forward (PIF) movement. A moment may start off small, but often sparks a ripple effect and we think it should be translated to our offices, board rooms, and workspace.


Pay It Forward Back


We are aiming to Pay-It-Forward when it comes to our company motto of learning, improving, and excelling.


We challenge you to:


  • Share a skill
  • Give a leg up
  • Teach someone something


It can be a colleague, a direct report, a neighbor, a parent, or a student. Be a mentor and a coach, and share an insight or skill. There is nothing more powerful than teaching someone something.


JB Training Solutions’ CEO, Brad Karsh kick started our initiative while on a train.


Read Brad’s Story:


Recently, I was in the Carbondale train station waiting for my Amtrak to leave, so I struck up a conversation with an older couple sitting across from me. I overheard them say that they had never taken a train before and they weren’t sure what to do with their bags. As I gave them some scoop, I learned that it wasn’t just that they hadn’t taken an Amtrak, but ANY train in their lives. In her entire LIFE she had never taken a train and had flown on a plane just once. That’s a typical week for me.


The woman was traveling alone and petrified. She was convinced that she would get lost in the giant morass that is Union Station. She had only been to Chicago once in her life – when she was 6 – and found that to be enough.


I assured her that it would be easy, that she had plenty of time, and that the train to Portland would wait for her. It didn’t help. So I then told her that she could sit next to me on the train and I’d be sure to walk her to her gate in Chicago. She was relieved (but still convinced she wouldn’t make her train and be stranded in the big city).


I warned her I’d be poor company since I was probably going to be on the phone for most of the ride (which I was), but I learned a bit more about her. In some ways I was envious of her simple life of small town living and no smart phones or computers.


We arrived in Chicago, I took her to buy a book, and escorted her to the Amtrak waiting area, showed her the door to board the train and introduced her to an Amtrak conductor who would help her. We said goodbye (I never found out her name), and we descended into our vastly different worlds.


In the workplace Pay-It-Forward offers easy moments to connect, learn, grow, and give back. You never know what a big impact you can make in the lives of others.


What are your Pay-It-Forward stories?! We want to hear. Share your story with as at

Blog Post
April 18, 2017