Professional Development Goals for Your 30’s

What are the most important professional development goals to reach in your 30’s?


You’ve established yourself in your career and industry. Now, it’s time to bring your professional development goals to the next level. What exactly should you prioritize in this next decade? That part can be a challenge. The overarching goal is obvious, “Shift into a leadership role.” But, before manage a team take time to refine your professional development goals. Don’t take on a a leadership role without a plan and run the risk of ruining your reputation. 


Courtney Templin, shared the most important professional development goals to  prioritize in your 30’s in Money Magazine. Courtney speaks specifically to LinkedIn recommendations. You should think about these even when you’re not on the job hunt. LinkedIn recommendations can also help position your for a promotion or for business with a potential client. But, it’s important to think outside the box when asking for these recommendations. Collect recommendations from 360 degrees, including bosses, peers, and clients. 


Another social media network worth exploring is Twitter. This platform offers a fantastic way to connect with thought leaders in your industry. You will undoubtedly learn from them, and make connections even if only digital. Also, look for relavent Twitter Chats in your industry. Two emerging Human Resources chats are #BizChats or #TChat. Simply search these hashtags on Twitter to join the conversation. 


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January 10, 2016