Reach Professional Development Goals at the Holiday Party

Don’t dread the holiday party; use it to reach your professional development goals. 


The office holiday party is a perfect opportunity to casually network with coworkers that can help you reach your professional development goals. But, navigating cocktails and conversations isn’t always that easy. Last year, we shared the 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say at the Holiday Party, but we’re taking a different approach this year. You still shouldn’t be the coworker swinging from the chandelier at 10pm, but you can also use this opportunity to push towards your professional development goals as you wrap up your year. 


Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, of the Chicago Tribune, recently interviewed Brad Karsh on how exactly you can make strong connections at your office holiday party. She shares profiles of the 8 people you don’t want to be at the party, the bad listener or the blank stare for example, and walks you through how to be an ace networker. Take a minute to read, Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Office Holiday Party, to make sure you reach your 2015 professional development goals. 

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December 18, 2015