The Top 5 Buffets for SHRM 15

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SHRM 15 is just around the corner. In fact, it’s in one week. By this point, you’ve booked your itinerary, you know what sessions you’re attending, and you’ve started your J-Hudson lip sync practice during your morning commute. Now, it’s prime time to plan your meals. There happen to be many things I love about Vegas, and taking down a buffet is right near the top. In fact, I consider myself something of a buffet guru (soon to be on my business card).  With that in mind, I’d like to share some of my expertise, and divulge the top five buffets in Las Vegas.


  1. Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace

This is a fairly new addition to the Vegas buffet line-up and I have to say it will change your life. There are countless cooking stations, and endless rows of food in this buffet heaven. Expect to gain 3-4 pounds after a single meal in my favorite Vegas spot. If I’ve gone missing at SHRM 15, search for me here.


  1. The Buffet in the Wynn

Everything at the Wynn hotel is top-notch and I assure you the buffet is no different. The customer service in this establishment, is like no buffet I’ve ever experienced before. You feel a sense of comfort while perusing a seemingly endless selection of food. This comfort is strictly dietary, and unfortunately not financial, as this buffet comes at a higher price.


  1. Village Seafood Buffet in the Rio

Reward yourself after a long day of learning and networking with the wildest variety of seafood delicacies. You might not expect to find seafood of this caliber in the land-locked desert climate of Las Vegas but this buffet is a bevy of fresh and fried options.  Don’t miss the lobster tail (albeit, pretty small ones).


  1. Golden Nugget Buffet

Vegas wasn’t always the glitz and glam you see on the strip today. But, this true nugget combines simplicity, service, and savory satisfaction. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, enjoy their bottomless mimosa brunch. Err…Maybe let’s save that option for a non-conference day.


  1. Carnival World Buffet in the Rio

Las Vegas can transport you from Paris to Rio in just a short walk, so why not take full advantage? Step into this mysterious land where you’ll find delicacies originating from Italy to Japan. I promise you won’t regret that unusual combination.


If I don’t catch you in a buffet line, stop by booth 713 or join me at one of my sessions to show your boss you learned more than card counting during SHRM 15.


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June 22, 2015