Three Executive Presence Tips for the Workplace

What is Executive Presence?


Executive presence is defined in many different aspects ranging from professional appearance to business acumen. At JB, we break down executive presence into three main categories


1. Gravitas: How You Act

First impressions mean everything – and you want to be sure your body language follows suit.  


2. Communication: How You Talk

From your tone of voice to the PowerPoint slides you manufacture – everything is fair game. 


3. Perceived Identity: How You Look

Your wardrobe plays a large role in your executive presence, but so does your work station cleanliness, Instagram account, and Slack archive.


Whether you realize it or not, you are always presenting yourself when you’re at work – not just when you’re delivering a presentation. From morning arrivals, to 15-minute coffee breaks, to participating in a team meeting, your behavior is observed.



Putting Presence into Practice:


In the next month, commit yourself to perfecting your executive presence at work.  Start with these three tips:


Gravitas: watch what your nonverbals are communicating. Are they saying “I’m part of the team and I’m excited to tackle this challenge” or are they saying “this is going to be dreadful”?

Tip: Establish a code word or signal with a coworker that, when communicated, prompts you to adjust your body language. Hold your coworker accountable to give you honest and immediate feedback.


Communication: Be clear and concise in your message. Watch for things that distract from your ability to be heard like tone, fillers and props.

Tip: When putting together a presentation or recommendation, ask yourself “If I knew nothing about this topic, would I understand the main takeaway?”


Perceived Identity: Watch the overshare online and in the office.

Tip: Adopt a “no gossip” policy this month with your coworkers.  Instead, utilize your time to discuss upcoming vacations or summer activities



For more information about how you can bring this program to your organization, visit our training page for The Art of Executive Presence.

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June 25, 2017