What The Super Bowl Can Teach You About Your Job

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The Super Bowl has evolved from a game, to a cultural event involving over 111 million people where on average, each person spends over $68 on Super Bowl libations. Now that you’ve had a minute to emerge from your nacho-induced food coma and shake off the heart wrenching loss, let’s consider what the big game taught us about the workplace. During this particularly exciting Super Bowl, there were a few lessons from the field that can be applied to your career:


“Because football is a team sport”


Marshawn’s famous response to Carrol’s call at the 1-yard line rings true at work as well. There’s no Tom Brady without a Malcolm Butler to make that game winning interception. Sometimes the best ideas come from rookies. Newer team members aren’t stuck in the way things have always been done, and they give fresh ideas to solve your hardest problems. Respect and listen to all members of your workforce, rtegardless of experience level. You never know when a Millennial might save you at the 1-yard line.


Tell Your Story


Although a few ads went overboard with a sappy story, (like this one) the most memorable commercials were ones that told a story. Consider how you can bring this idea of storytelling into the workplace for your next big presentation. Crafting your presentation into a narrative is the most effective way to engage your employees, inspire people, and have your ideas heard.


You Need a Half Time Show


Working tirelessly not only increases stress levels, but also produces a lower caliber of work. Get out of the office, grab a coffee, take a walk, or read in the lunchroom. This might not include Missy Elliot, Lenny Kravitz, and Katy Perry but this will help you recharge for the second half of your day.


Do That Touchdown Dance


Outside of the NFL, there are no fines for excessive celebration. So, plan a happy hour, adventure lunch, or surprise your coworkers with treats. Celebrate your workplace? wins with colleagues, family, and friends to keep you motivated and onto your next project.


How did you celebrate the Super Bowl? Did you have a favorite commercial? Which of these points are most applicable to your work-game?

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April 21, 2015