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JBPalooza 2015


I know you’ve heard of Lollapalooza, but have you heard of JBPalooza? I promise, it’s the next best thing. At the end of January, the whole team at JBTS congregated to learn, collaborate, train, and eat great food.


We kicked it off with Oreo minute-to-win-it challenges. Click here to see a video of our trainers attempting this hilarious game. Throughout the retreat, we shared the State of JB, JBTalks, JBNotes, the JB Way… I think you see the pattern. It was a time to discuss best practices, new ideas, successes, challenges, and goals for the future.


All trainers shared 15-minute JBTalks, with topics ranging from cereal to soccer players, and what they can teach you about life at work.We capped it off with an afternoon of bowling at Lucky Strike. I’m happy to “humble brag” and report that I bowled the highest score. I may or may not have my own bowling shoes.These two days were a great way to develop new ideas and provide support for all team members at JBTS. Company retreats offer a lot not only to employees but also to the organization.


It allows for a new, open forum to communicate across teams. Employees feel more comfortable to chime in with innovative ideas to streamline processes and push your company to the next level.


Additionally, these retreats are filled to the brim with intentional and accidental team building. You might find new connections with coworkers who are crazy enough to do a yoga class together at 5:30am, or you could bond with a colleague who can also put down fries and a shake from Shake Shack right after a full dinner. A simple retreat will have positive effects on innovation and retention in any organization.


I challenge you to plan a retreat at your company, and see what great ideas emerge.


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February 26, 2015