Leading with a Driving Purpose

We all have those upstanding people in our organizations who everyone wants on their team. These individuals under promise and over deliver, exceed expectations, and bend over backwards to help get the job done. They are the “glue” and maintain a vibrant culture everyone wants to be a part of. Simply put, these people are CHALANT®! The big question is: how can you inspire this way of working? How can you encourage employees to propel past goals, do more than just what they are told to do, and go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis?

In this high-energy session, the trainer takes a “lighter on theory, heavier on practicality” approach to leadership and brings you CHALANT®. (Think the opposite of nonchalant!) This keynote reveals the secret formula of CHALANT® to promote a culture of passion, devotion, and action that encourages the development of employees. We illustrate how to embrace passion with real-life examples from organizations like Zappos and the Washington Capitals, develop true grit with stories from Michael Jordan and Malcolm Gladwell, and offer tactical principles on how to take action on goals to ensure success.


Participants leave this program with the ability to:

  • Identify and tap into personal passions to pump up workplace productivity and morale
  • Break down the walls to build a more transparent and diverse environment at work
  • Inspire coworkers by sharing a vision, setting a strong example, and making work fun
  • Operate with grit by being persistent and keeping on the course when things get tough
  • Take action, under promise, and over deliver to exceed expectations and reach goals 


This engaging and dynamic program provides an inventive approach on how individuals can work together to create a culture where everyone operates with purpose and tenacity.   


60 to 90-minute Keynote


All Professionals


Team Performance

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