DiSC®-over Your Team Dynamics

Adjusting Styles to Work Better Together

To be an all-star employee, everyone needs to know their own strengths, weaknesses and tendencies – but that’s just the beginning. The next step requires a “big picture” outlook on the distinct styles of their colleagues. Once an individual has completed the DiSC® assessment and receives personal insight into his or her own style, it’s time to take it to the next level and apply the DiSC® four-quadrant model to the team dynamic. In this engaging program, participants learn and apply each DiSC® style (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) to understand differences and best communicate in the workplace.

Every participant takes the DiSC® assessment in advance of this program, at which time they take a humorous yet informative glance at their own DiSC® style, as well as that of their colleagues. The trainer explains not only what each style means but also how different combinations of styles manifest themselves on a team. How can (D) best work with (i)? How should you present information to (S)? How does (C) prefer to communicate? Through real-world scenarios, participants gain a strong understanding of the factors that contribute to “assertive” vs. “passive” and “open” vs. “guarded”. Ultimately, this program transforms DiSC® from a mere assessment to a common language and mutual understanding of how to best work together.


Participants leave this program with the ability to: 

  • Understand the ideas and principles behind the DiSC® four-quadrant model
  • Recognize each DiSC® style and the associated tendencies, strengths and weaknesses
  • Value and appreciate the different qualities that each individual brings to the team
  • Adapt to various personalities and predispositions among team members
  • Welcome and respect differences to move toward a common goal
  • Work successfully and efficiently as part of a solid and high-achieving team


This engaging program gives professionals the inside secrets for mastering interpersonal relationships at work with success.


Partial-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants


Team Performance

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