Leading to Greatness

Executive Skills for Leaders

It’s one thing to manage a team, but it’s an entirely different beast when it comes to leading a large group or organization effectively. Managing is about getting things done as consistently and efficiently as possible. Leading is about deciding what things should get done, charting the course, and inspiring people to feel that they are part of something larger than themselves. Managers have direct reports; leaders have followers.

In this dynamic program, great managers learn what it means to take it to the next level as they strive to become inspirational leaders. As a critical first step, leaders discover how to identify, create, and communicate a strong vision and how to get buy in from their team. It’s all about influence, knowing what the organization needs, and capitalizing on the strengths of the team to get there. During the session, participants identify their personal leadership style and practice how to flex their style to be more effective. They even begin building a strategy and action plan that they can begin implementing immediately. One-on-one personal coaching brings the concepts to life and allows leaders to lean on our expert executive coach for real-time advice.


Participants leave this program with the ability to:

  • Take ownership for instilling confidence, inspiring change and influencing culture
  • Create and communicate a vision that inspires teams and motivates action
  • Establish clarity, commitment, standards, responsibility, flexibility, and rewards
  • Influence decisions, instill confidence, and empower people
  • Vary approaches based on business situation and team composition
  • Maintain healthy balance between the needs of the business and needs of the team
  • Champion creative thinking and work through difficult challenges with courage


This high-level course shows leaders how to augment their day-to-day management skills with the ability to inspire organizations to the highest levels of performance.


Full-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants


Directors and above



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