Learning to Manage

Essential Skills for Early Managers

Congratulations, you did it!  Your great ideas, hard work, and individual contributions made you a manager.  Now what?

You are a proud member of a group that is highly educated, uniquely skilled, and incredibly confident. You boldly embrace change. Now, you are stepping into management for the first time! You’re determined to build a strong team and develop your organization. But how do you get there?

Modern management is all about communication, collaboration, transparency, engagement, meaning, achievement – and of course – FUN!  You and your teams want to learn, grow, and develop on the road to success.  Based on our book, Manager 3.0: A Millennial’s Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management, we explain how each generation thinks about management differently, and we highlight specific tips for setting up a team for success.  We even cover the sticky situations you inevitably encounter, including: managing your peers, dealing with a poor performer, managing someone remotely, and managing someone older than you.  It’s fun, collaborative, provocative, and progressive…just like you!

Participants leave this session with the ability to:

  • Set clear expectations regarding roles and responsibilities to maintain team alignment
  • Have tough conversations, exude managerial courage, and push for excellence
  • Take ownership and see failure as an important step towards success
  • Share vital information and walk the fine line between authority and transparency
  • Build a culture of collaboration, while maintaining a bias toward action
  • Show real appreciation to amplify the engagement and impact of others

This timely workshop guides new managers in combining proven tools with the best of modern management thinking.


Full-day Workshop


8-24 Participants


Early Level Managers



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