Learning to Manage

Essential Skills for Managers

Your determination, great ideas, and hard work propelled you into management ranks! You always excelled as an individual contributor, but it’s time to build a strong team and manage others. Now what? How you think, operate, and excel as an individual contributor is much different than how you think, operate, and excel as a manager. So how do you make this transition successfully?

Modern management is all about setting expectations, delivering frequent feedback, giving recognition, and leading by example. In this power-packed course, we explain how every successful employee-manager relationship starts by laying out clear expectations and establishing a strong foundation for trust and communication. We even tackle one of the biggest ideas that new managers struggle with: delivering critical feedback! We make it real by covering those sticky situations, including: navigating conflicts, transitioning from buddy to boss, championing unpopular initiatives, and managing someone older. The entire session is full of best practices and techniques for improving overall team performance through meaningful appreciation and strong communication. This collaborative and inspiring program helps catapult managers to true leaders who people want to follow.


Participants leave this program with the ability to:

  • Set clear expectations regarding roles and responsibilities to maintain team alignment
  • Have tough conversations, exude managerial courage, and push for excellence
  • Show real appreciation to amplify the engagement and impact of others
  • Build a culture of collaboration, while maintaining a bias toward action
  • Lead others by example and see failure as an important step towards success


This dynamic program guides managers in combining proven tools with the best of modern management thinking.


Full-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants





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