Managing to Lead

Advanced Skills for Proven Managers

“Hey, you are unbelievable at getting stuff done! What a machine! Now how about you stop doing things yourself and get a bunch of other people to do it instead?” Sound familiar? That’s the extent of the training most mid-level managers receive. Stars get promoted, and off they go!

The bottom line is that most people are promoted to the management ranks because of their success as an individual contributor. After some time, you realize how much there is to know about managing people. When is directing really dictating? Why delegate when it’s faster and easier to do it yourself? How do you keep people excited when things don’t go so well? We’ve all heard these questions. But what are the answers?

Even the most experienced managers can improve their game. We explain how the “golden rule” may be wrong when it comes to dealing with different people on your team, how to make feedback a two-way, daily process, and how to set inspiring goals that actually encourage your team to go above and beyond. Engaging exercises are peppered throughout the program and give you the chance to apply tried-and-true best practices to real-world management situations.

Participants leave this session with the ability to:

  • Uphold high standards and push a team to greatness through advanced goal-setting
  • Deliver effective feedback and understand when to offer direction vs. support
  • Understand and adjust to different communication styles to manage team dynamics
  • Delegate effectively and schedule routine check points without micromanaging
  • Recognize stellar performance with responsibility, autonomy, flexibility, and visibility

 This practical workshop helps mid-level managers leverage current strengths and add new tools to develop high-functioning teams.


Full-day Workshop


8-24 Participants


Mid-level Managers



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