Need for Speed

Using Time with Ruthless Efficiency

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. Most of us are consumed by urgent tasks that take away crucial time needed to work on important projects. This enlightening workshop provides ideas and techniques to enhance productivity and improve performance of both the individual and the company.

With interactive exercises and compelling analogies, attendees learn how to decrease anxiety by managing the information overload efficiently. Since procrastination is one of the most prominent time wasters, the trainer reveals how even the biggest procrastinator can combat and conquer this way of thinking through effective planning and time management. Participants understand how to achieve better results with more purpose and less stress.

 Participants leave this workshop with the ability to: 

  • Recognize the 80:20 principle and focus on responsibilities that generate the most results
  • Pinpoint time bandits and move toward maximizing every hour of each day
  • Minimize interruptions, eliminate time wasters, and conquer procrastination
  • Allocate time to spend it on the most important tasks
  • Learn how to accomplish more with fewer e-mails, meetings and phone calls

  This workshop offers the skills and mindset to accomplish more in half the time.


Partial-day Workshop


8-24 Participants


Team Performance

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