Negotiating For Success

Everyone Wins

“The price isn’t right.”

“We’re talking to a competitor who seems like a better fit.”

“I disagree.”

“This is our final offer.”

Employees hear objections regularly, yet rarely are they prepared with a counterargument. Intimidation and uncertainty often prevent people from closing deals. Negotiating used to be a sales tactic when you purchased a car, but in the modern workplace, negotiation is necessary across all industries and departments to reach goals and drive business. From sales to customer support, finance to human resources, everyone wins when professionals and teams are open to collaboration.

In this engaging program, participants learn how to handle objections confidently and persuasively to meet their goals.  We demystify the concept of negotiating and offer practical tactics that apply immediately to workplace scenarios. Participants learn strategic approaches to getting what they want by stating their objectives with confidence, qualifying offers, asking for the business, and closing deals.


Participants leave this program with the ability to: 

  • Learn how to establish objectives and stick to them
  • Avoid common mistakes when it comes to negotiating
  • Discuss the difference between price and value
  • Set goals that contribute to the bigger picture
  • Increase receptivity and modulate personal style
  • Handle objections directly and positively
  • Close deals effectively and confidently


This interactive program gives participants the insight and skills needed to negotiate successfully in the working world.


Partial-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants


Sales and Service

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