Pitching with Power and Persuasion

Proposals, Concepts, and Creative

You’ve mastered the basic presentation skills necessary to get your ideas across in an engaging manner. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level! Advancing your presentation skills from good to great takes practice and you need expert feedback to shine. This high-intensity workshop is perfect for experienced presenters who really want to stand out. Amazing presenters do more than hold the attention of the audience – they persuade and inspire an audience to take action.

This workshop helps participants master the finer points of developing and delivering effective presentations with confidence and poise. With a small class size and individual recording of actual presentations, participants practice a presentation they’re working on, enhance their skills, and learn how to convey a captivating message.

Participants leave this workshop with the ability to: 

  • Deliver impressive presentations with poise and style in any situation
  • Handle impromptu and “off-the-cuff” presentations
  • Perfect techniques with voice tone and body language to reinforce professionalism
  • Bring presentations to a powerful and persuasive close
  • Deal with difficult audience members effectively and convincingly
  • Identify strengths, areas of improvement, and an action plan for continuous development

 This advanced presentation skills workshop includes live taping of presentations and helps make good presenters great.


Full-day Workshop


Limited to 8 Participants



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