Pitching with Power and Persuasion

Proposals, Concepts, and Creative

You’re a talented employee but your persuasive skills need polishing. In fact, you’re still not quite sure why everyone wasn’t as excited as you about your last big idea. The hard truth is that the best ideas don’t always win, but the best presented ideas typically do. Amazing presenters do more than hold the attention of the audience – they persuade and inspire an audience to act. When it comes to driving it home, successful influencers utilize six principles to rationalize decisions.

Participants don’t just hear tips–they are on their feet practicing, and leave ready to ace their next presentation. We even record each presentation for self-review! Each participant delivers a presentation, receives peer feedback from the group, and benefits from one-on-one time with the facilitator to hone their skills and make enhancements. Through this experience, presenters overcome objections, gain confidence, and master techniques to influence decision makers to buy into their idea.


Participants leave this program with the ability to: 

  • Deliver creative presentations with poise and style in any situation
  • Handle impromptu and “off-the-cuff” presentations
  • Utilize the six principles of influence to influence others
  • Deal with difficult audience members effectively and convincingly
  • Identify strengths, areas of improvement, and an action plan for continuous development


This high-intensity program is perfect for anyone who makes recommendations and influences decisions.


Full-day Workshop


Limited to 8 Participants



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