Presenting When You’re Not in the Room

Conference Calls, Webinars, and Video

These days, conference calls are overflowing with “Sorry I was on mute,” “…has joined the meeting,” and the distant noise of a Starbucks barista announcing names. Rare is the professional who gets excited about a conference call. If most people had their way, they’d never participate in another one again. As nice as that sounds, it isn’t an option in an increasingly mobile workforce. With more and more webinars, video presentations, and conference calls, professionals must know how to keep the attention of a disinterested group of multitaskers.

This program gives participants the inside tips and techniques needed to deliver effective presentations when they are not in the room. Attendees learn how to communicate their message in a fun way when presenting remotely, without being cheesy or cliché. Through interactive exercises, participants learn to handle a variety of situations including tangents, unexpected questions, de-railers, and opinionated guests. Everyone leaves with a plan of attack to make their next call purposeful, engaging, and succinct.


Participants leave this program with the ability to: 

  • Structure an efficient call by planning ahead and plotting flow
  • Identify the best platform to host meetings depending on audience and content
  • Reduce stress and tension related to delivering virtual presentations
  • Increase energy and enthusiasm to drive audience engagement
  • Improve attention span by using agendas, names, and page numbers


 This program provides strategies and techniques to enable participants to captivate and impress a remote audience.


Partial-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants



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