The Art of Executive Presence

Mastering the Finer Points of Being an Effective Professional

In business, it’s often the finer details that count.  It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it – and maybe even what you’re wearing when you say it.  It’s not always about who has the leadership title but who can make a great first impression, command a presence, and handle social situations with professionalism.  Often, brilliant employees with innovative ideas are ignored because they fail when it comes to the finer points of business etiquette.

In this interactive program, we break down the critical components of professionalism and detail how you can create a positive impression, walk the line between too formal and too casual, and instill confidence in any audience.  With networking events, business meals, and numerous meetings, you discover the advanced elements of business etiquette to ensure you are polished and professional in any situation.  This power-packed program is full of laughs and learning.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

  • Master the finer points of business etiquette to wow right from the start
  • Navigate routine business situations such as networking events, meals, and meetings successfully
  • Enhance professional image through dress, appearance, interactions, and communications
  • Build rapport and trust with both internal and external teams
  • Create an action plan to continue to develop and enhance personal professionalism


This engaging program offers the skills to exude confidence, professionalism, and strong executive presence in any situation. 


Partial-day Workshop


8-24 Participants


All professionals



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