Brainstorming 2.0

A New Way to Solve Problems and Create Ideas

There’s a simple reason why ideas are the lifeblood of any successful organization:

Ideas solve problems.

Which is great, because every few days, a genius idea comes to you fully formed, sails through all hurdles untouched, and painlessly solves previously unsolvable problems. Idea created, problem solved, world saved.

Then there’s the other 99% of the time, known as reality.

Come learn a new way to create surprising ideas that solve tough problems. The Joy of Solving problem-solving methodology provides tools to help you generate new ideas that solve complex business problems, forces you to rethink how you solve individually and as part as a team, and helps you get unstuck when you’re struggling through a tough challenge to unearth the ideas that solve problems.

Participants leave this workshop with the ability to:

  • Apply new specific problem-solving tools to professional challenges
  • Recognize how they already solve problems to help solve them better
  • Adapt to different problem-solving challenges depending on the context
  • Partner and solve better with others in their organization

This innovative workshop provides a problem-solving framework and outcomes-based tools that help you unearth ideas and create better solutions to complex professional problems.


 This program is conducted exclusively by Danny Schuman. 

The Joy of Solving

Danny Schuman has spent his career creating ideas that solve problems and collaborating with others to do the same. His to-be-published book The Joy of Solving is based on his passion to collaborate with people to create business-growing and loyalty-building ideas. He has brought his problem solving tools to a broad range of diverse thinkers and organizations, including Discover Financial Services Wrigley, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Chicago Ideas Week. Michael Jordan once called him peanut-butter-jelly-boy, but that’s a story for another time. 


Partial-day or Full-day Workshop


12-40 Participants


All Employees


Team Performance

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