Wowing with PowerPoint

Structure, Content, and Design

We’ve all sat through that PowerPoint. You know the one: it’s filled with boring bullet points, useless tables and data, and dull, cluttered slides. It’s never fun to sit through that presentation, but it’s nothing compared to delivering it. “Wowing with PowerPoint” makes an excellent companion program to “Presenting with Power and Persuasion,” but is also a terrific stand-alone session to teach your team to use PowerPoint as a tool to truly communicate, not just lecture about a subject. This workshop begins with an overview of how participants can plan for their presentation before they even boot up the computer. Through engaging examples, the trainer demonstrates the importance of sticking to an agenda, and shares very specific techniques for taking presentations to the next level. An interactive exercise drives those learning points home as participants build a PowerPoint presentation and deliver it to the group for feedback. Participants leave this workshop with the ability to: 

  • Plan and prepare for successful PowerPoint presentations
  • Understand the importance of creating an accurate agenda—and sticking to it
  • Utilize PowerPoint as a tool to foster better communication, instead of using it as a crutch
  • Structure compelling presentations by creating a solid and clear outline
  • Differentiate between essential and non-essential slide elements
  • Capture an audience and use slides effectively to tell a story
  • Use animations and other PowerPoint techniques effectively

 This engaging workshop provides easy-to-implement strategies and solutions that will immediately improve the style, content, and effectiveness of presentations.


Partial-day Workshop


8-24 Participants



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