Writing With Power and Persuasion

Emails, Requests, and Recommendations

Trillions of business emails, documents, and presentations are written every year. Half are pointless, and the overwhelming majority fall short of their intended objectives by emphasizing style (how it sounds) over substance (what it says). There are three fundamental purposes of business communications: to inform, to convince, or to collaborate. No matter the purpose, all communication should be succinct, engaging, easy to understand, and utterly compelling.

In this program, participants learn how to communicate more effectively in all forms of business writing – whether sharing a project update, pitching a new idea, notifying a senior manager of bad news, or making a major announcement. Our expert advice pairs with practical exercises to enable participants to apply techniques to their specific roles and receive feedback on their writing skills. Participants dedicate attention to writing emails and longer documents such as reports, requests, and recommendations, and everyone learns tips to position their writing with clarity and conciseness.


Participants leave this program with the ability to: 

  • Identify, develop, and maintain focus on the central idea of a written document
  • Structure arguments with background, benefits, and support
  • Streamline and sequence verbiage to achieve the highest impact with less word count
  • Use efficient formatting and recognize the effects of specific language and tone
  • Build collaborative spirit and improve responses to requests
  • Relentlessly accentuate the positive, even with bad news


This hands-on program helps participants master the essential skill of powerful and persuasive written communication.



This program is conducted exclusively by Jeff Hiller


Jeff Hiller is an expert facilitator and instructional design guru who develops highly interactive programs based on real-world experience in marketing, sales, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. He is also spearheading content development and enhancement to keep JB programs at the peak of innovation. Early on, Jeff became the youngest VP Account Director ever at ad agency Leo Burnett in Chicago earning 7 national EFFIE Awards. He was a high-end retail chain owner, Marketing/Creative Director for the Houston Rockets, and VP of Marketing for Four Hands, a 3-time Inc 500 Fastest Growing company.

Jeff consults on business, management, and negotiation skills for major organizations such as Marriott, Phillips 66, Allianz, Eli Lilly, Interpublic Group, and Publicis Groupe.  He’s halfway through a mission to visit all 30 MLB stadiums, but when not traveling the world, enjoys sampling craft beers in his hometown of Austin, TX. Jeff graduated with High Honors from Dartmouth College.




Partial-day Workshop


Up to 24 Participants



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