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Our Workshops

Our trainers travel to organizations around the world delivering dynamic partial-day and full-day workshops in-house. These interactive courses are best with an audience size between 8-24 participants to keep the program engaging and discussion-oriented.

On our participant reviews, we routinely score 10’s on our evaluations where five is the highest rating. Time after time, we receive positive feedback from professionals who love the nature of our workshops and sum them up in one word:



Hands-on and Interactive

All of our courses incorporate numerous exercises and activities. We believe in learning by doing – perfect practice makes perfect! That’s why there are interesting exercises peppered throughout our curriculum – to make learning real and fun. Here are a few

  • “Name That Tune” – Test your knowledge of music across the generations. When in doubt, guess ‘N Sync.
  • “Scatterglories” – A fun spin on the loved game of Scattergories through the lens of employee engagement. This one can get intense.
  • “Moonwalk” – Collaboration, management, and critical thinking at its finest – not quite a Michael Jackson dance move.
  • “How Millennial Are You?” If you know YOLO and love fro yo, then you might just be a mega millennial.

Engaging and Dynamic

Our trainers keep the audience engaged with real-life anecdotes, stories, and high-quality humor. Seriously, we’re funny. Our programs are power-packed, but we also like to get everyone laughing along the way. We have a strict no knock-knock joke policy, but we always strive to create an open, fun, and positive learning environment. Get to know our trainers through their video bios here.

Tangible and Real

Our programs and modules are tangible and real. We don’t dwell in theory. For each of our learning points we ask:

  • How is this information applicable?
  • How can you incorporate it into your work life immediately?

We end every program with an open discussion where participants set three goals based on what they learned. Employees leave the workshop with a tangible action plan that they can implement immediately – guaranteed!


We want our learning sessions to be as relevant and compelling as they can be. That means we want to get to know your business, your challenges, your pain points, and your areas of opportunity. We want to know your strengths and understand how we can make them even stronger. These are not “workshops in a box” or a one-size-fits-all service.

Our workshops are customized just for you and include:

  • Conference call to assess needs and gather information for customization
  • Content and activities targeted to your specific audience
  • Comprehensive resource packet to support and summarize the main learning points
  • 3 hours of phone support from the trainer

If you would rather talk than read, give Allison Lackey Peschel a ring at 773-360-0959, or shoot her an e-mail at to set up a call.

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