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JB Training partners with organizations to Make Work Better for their employees through engaging and dynamic instructor-led learning.

Who is JB?

At JB, we are CHALANT®. Not sure what that means? Well, that’s because we made it up! 

Essentially, we’re the opposite of nonchalant. Whether it’s supporting client requests, creating course content, or building company culture, we do everything with purpose, passion, and drive. Quite simply, we CARE. 

We live by the DWYSYWD mentality (yep, we made that up too) and always Do What We Say We Will Do to wow clients every time. 

We think work should be fun, and we want partnering with JB to be the positive and easy part of your day.

We’ve Made Work Better For…



Whether it’s a virtual workshop, conference keynote, in-person training course, or one-on-one coaching, we bring you learning and development that builds stronger leaders, effective communicators, and high-performing individual contributors. Put simply, we make work better.

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Hear From Our Clients

“Seriously, amazing job – our teams are hungry for development and Stephanie is such a great trainer! They really loved her energy and the content was received very well by our team.”

Krystle Coleman, Vice President, Business Operations, The Scion Group


ashanti morgan
lindsay Belisle
“Your team has always been a great partner to us and I am just blown away with the powerful message you just delivered to our teams during this crazy time. It was motivating, inspiring, practical and RELEVANT, something that is so needed right now. Not to mention you had me laughing out loud at least 3 times!”

Lindsay Belisle, U.S. Director, Learning & Development, Omnicom Media Group

“I loved our first training because it provided a strong foundation to get our team thinking about a number of important issues. I loved this recent training because it so deftly presented a real-life scenario that’s impacting the well-being of our team members and in turn our collective success as a company. It could not have been better executed and I’m confident the lessons covered will remain top-of-mind and influence behavior for the better going forward.”

Brennan Adams, Vice President, Strategy, Intersport


ashanti morgan

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