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JB Training Solutions helped our company start a conversation around generational differences... bringing awareness to the natural tendencies of these groups helped to shape a more understanding work environment and provide insights on how to collaborate with one another better.

- Kelly Day, Talent Development, Groupon

“The information presented was a new and refreshing way to present ideas for cooperating that most people are already aware of but it is not a subject that is always at the top of your mind.”

- Greg, Project Engineer

"Everything from your professionalism with the pre-planning to your warm personality before the class started to the absolute dynamic presentation style you have to the meaningful, action based content that you presented…A+++! "

- Emily, Director of Human Resources, Hyatt Regency

“Loved it! Everything flowed well and felt easily applicable to my work.”

- Christopher, Assistant Analyst

"I just have to say you and the team there at JBT have been fantastic to work with these past few months. I have been doing this for over 8 years and you guys have been one of the most organized, pleasant and professional teams I have worked with!"

- Quinne, Chartered Professionals in Human Resources British Columbia & Yukon

JB Training Solutions isn't your average L&D consulting company. They have a unique ability to combine expertise, relevance, and humor into their programs, and the business impact and results are readily apparent."

- Tony Weisman, CEO, Digitas North America

“I loved the group exercises as it forced us to work with and get a consensus from a group that we wouldn't normally work with. Definitely got us outside our little boxes”

- Brittany, Participant