Buddy Bush

Get to Know Buddy

Buddy Bush is an inspirational facilitator and keynote speaker who is dedicated to enhancing the work of individual contributors and inspiring better team dynamics. With a diverse management background spanning corporate real-estate to work/life benefits, Buddy brings energy, enthusiasm and a real-world approach to each engagement. Buddy has collected stories from a wide range of clients including Harvard, PepsiCo, Digitas, Mintel, and PVH Corp.  She applies her passion for business through a blend of tactical insights and memorable levity—because if people are laughing, they are listening.  

Buddy holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she did not go vegan or wear tie-dye.  When she is not presenting, she is holding high plank on her yoga mat or sprinting around her neighborhood chasing her kids and puppy.

Buddy’s parents were hippies

Buddy does not own a microwave

Buddy listens to 20+ hours a week of podcasts

Buddy is either operating at 150% or sleeping – there’s no in-between.