Celebrating the Women of JB

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are celebrating the contributions, achievements, and spirit of the women of JB!

We were recently inspired by Rent The Runway’s ‘Show Off’ campaign that encourages women to champion their career successes by celebrating their professional victories publicly (learn more here). To celebrate Women’s History Month and bring this energy back to your team, you can encourage your managers to carve out 10 minutes in a meeting next week to encourage their people to reflect and share a career victory that makes them proud!

Now it’s time for us to do the same… Get to know the powerful women who make JB an extraordinary learning company and hear some of our favorite quotes highlighting the energy, passion, and expertise they bring into their work each and every day!

“Courtney’s enthusiasm for learning is what makes JB a great place to work, grow, and develop. She leads the company with her empathy and dedication to Make Work Better.”

Courtney has both flown and jumped out of a plane (not on the same trip)

“Dynamic exciting presenter who crystallized difficult content into consumable pieces. Attending was like eating candy.”

She learned to play basketball while raising her four boys, but they still wouldn’t pick her for their team.

“This was one of my favorite training sessions! Super helpful and insightful”

Her dog, Lila, was a stray jungle mutt in Costa Rica, but has grown to love Chicago.

“Buddy’s energy is contagious. This is one training I’ve taken the most from in a while.”

She listens to 20+ hours a week of podcasts.

Buddy Bush Headshot

“SO AWESOME to have Jennifer back and do the two trainings – people LOVED her and said she was so intelligent, cool, engaging, and funny that she could be a comedienne.”

Her dream is to attend The Oscars.

“Lora was incredibly warm and open and she both inspired and encouraged learning. That’s not easy to do!”

Her favorite week of the year is the Wisconsin State Fair week.

Lora Haines Headshot

Stephanie Gray Headshot

“Stephanie was super knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was very impactful and enjoyable.”

She was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. You won’t see her on your presidential ticket!