Celebrating Women’s History Month 2021

March is Women’s History Month! Originating as Women’s History Week in Santa Rosa, CA in 1978 to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8. It was officially extended to a monthlong celebration in 1987.

The JB team is celebrating by bringing our personal and professional development workshops to Women’s Employee Resource Groups. Some of the top topics? The Art of Executive Presence for Women, Making the World More Equitable, and Mentoring High Performance.

We asked our fantastic female facilitators how they’re honoring Women’s History Month in 2021:

Sabrina: Lots of favorites! One I’ll pick is after completing the final session of a training series I got a tour of the client’s facility. It was sweet! 
Buddy: Traveling to Dubai for a client engagement.
Jennifer: Working with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). I learned all about how they measure hurricanes and even met the pilot of the hurricane hunter plane.
Lora: An amazing leadership workshop ‘road tour’ that took me coast to coast for an amazing client.

Sabrina: I just gotta go with my Momma who is still writing the story of her life. She has overcome all types of adversities, exudes a growth mindset, she’s kind to strangers, embraces people, enjoys life, and in the midst of hard times she displays an attitude of gratitude by counting her blessings. I think many woman who have paved the paths for woman today shares similar attributes. 
Buddy: A few of my favorites include Marie Curie, Henrietta Lacks, Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Jennifer: Amelia Earhart. My dad was a pilot growing up and her story reminds me to reach for the skies.
Lora: Brene Brown. She challenged us all to be more vulnerable and gave us permission to do so.

Sabrina: I’m not celebrating, I’m being. What I mean is the best impact I can have on Women’s History Month is to live my daily life on purpose to be the best person I can be for myself and others.
Buddy: Singing Meghan Trainor’s Badass Woman song to my kids on repeat 
Lora: Intentionally checking in to lift up and support all the amazing woman in my life

Sabrina: If you don’t believe God created you to make a positive impact in this world you may find yourself struggling to live on purpose. Know that everything you need to become an incredible woman has been placed inside you. Harness that greatness and make our world a better place! You were meant to be! 
Jennifer: The women before you made it possible to do it all but chose a few things you want to do and do them well. 
Lora: Don’t let anyone put you in a box or tell you what is possible. Be true to yourself, go after your dreams and never forget to be kind to yourself and others.

Sabrina: To thine own self be true. 
Buddy: If it isn’t a ‘hell yes!” then the answer should be no.
Jennifer: Work hard and be kind.
Lora: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.