Our Approach

At JB Training Solutions, we know coaching, and we know the significant impact that a dedicated coach can have in a person’s career.  We also recognize that every individual is different and that there isn’t a “cookie cutter” coaching philosophy that works for everyone.  That’s why we offer a variety of coaching options, so that individual contributors, managers, and executives alike can have options catered perfectly to their needs and development. In all of our engagements, we take time to focus on self-knowledge, but ultimately, our coaching philosophy is that we are lighter on theories and heavier on practicality.

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Learn targeted strategies to tackle specific professional goals and create a plan to move forward in a complex business or team situation.

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Perfect your delivery technique, uplevel your storytelling tactics, and make an immediate improvement to upcoming presentations.

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Office Hours

Maximize the coaching “power hour” with a coaching day where participants sign up for back-to-back 1:1 coaching sessions to get the individualized, targeted, and timely support they need. 

Dive Deeper with Our Coaching Options


Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching takes a very practical and proactive approach to leadership by coming up with tactical next steps to implement in order to be more effective and inspirational. Our coaches partner with all levels of leaders from the new manager navigating the transition from peer to boss all the way through the C-suite executive preparing for a major organizational change. Our coach partners with individuals to set goals, identify areas of improvement, and maintain consistent support to monitor progress over time. In their ongoing sessions, leaders have an opportunity to address concerns and build skills as they determine new strategies and solutions to move forward.  


Presentation Coaching

Our 1:1 presentation skills coaching is a game changer for any employee who wants to improve their speaking skills and impress a crowd. Whether leveling up a jargon-filled quarterly presentation or prepping for a high-profile speech to stakeholders coming up, our coaches expertly prepare individuals to deliver key messages with poise and style. During the sessions, the coachee will deliver a section of their presentation while the coach records, and then they will review the recording together to promote awareness on key opportunities for growth and provide specific coaching tips. The transformative power of presentation skills coaching can be seen immediately – even after the first session!


Coaching Office Hours

Our coaching office hours make the power of 1:1 coaching more accessible. Often coaching is a luxury that is only within reach for high-level leaders. With JB Training’s one-on-one coaching office hours, we provide the opportunity for all employees to receive a “coach-for-a-day” experience by stacking back-to-back coaching sessions throughout a single day. Individuals can target specific challenges related to their role and ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking their manager. This personalized support is integral to the engagement and development of leaders at all levels of the organization. 


Executive coaching provides an average ROI of nearly 6 times the coaching cost.


Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.


Coaching combined with training boosts productivity by an average of 86%, compared to 22% with training alone.

Brad’s advice and coaching helps our firm improve communication across generations and within teams, from management to new employees. We’ve used JB Training Solutions for individual, team and company-wide coaching sessions with resounding success.”


I started working with Brad shortly after being promoted into a new role that required me to “show up” at the next level as a new member of a very seasoned and established leadership team.  In addition, as a part of this role, I would now be managing a team of people who had previously been peers.  I often thought of Brad as my “work therapist” … someone who I could talk it out with, who could help me weigh my options objectively and prepare for a variety of possible outcomes.  Brad helped me to see my potential and better leverage my strengths but also helped me to identify my blind spots and become more self-aware.  As a person who was on the “fast track” to leadership, having the opportunity to pause and reflect with Brad was incredibly helpful in setting me up for continued success.”

“The pitch went really well, your coaching helped me as alway with a great open for the idea and I had a strong closing too. The clients applauded at the end of my closing! Nice.”