#COMPlicated: Communicating Compensation

By: Courtney Templin
President of JB Training Solutions

Compensation. It’s often deeply personal, sensitive, and complicated. AND your managers have to talk
about it. The good news is that compensation conversations have the opportunity to build trust,
reinforce a team member’s value, and even engage and motivate. The bad news is that compensation
conversations can go wrong very easily if not done well. They can erode trust, disengage team members,
and even fuel animosity.

We have heard from so many HR colleagues that their managers are struggling with this topic, and we
are excited to roll out a new facilitative workshop – Communicating Compensation Confidently. If you
need a business case for this program, you must check out HBR’s fascinating article: Most People Have
No Idea Whether They’re Paid Fairly
. They reference a PayScale survey which revealed that 80% of
people who are paid ABOVE market actually perceive they are paid BELOW market or AT market. This
underscores the significant opportunities we have to communicate clearly around our compensation
structure and decisions. In our program, we include sticky scenarios to bring the learning to life, and we
cover three key elements:

  1. FAIRLY Compensated
  2. Highly VALUED
  3. REGULARLY Communicated

Managers have SO much on their plates these days, and we hope this program can give them the
insights to have compensation conversations more confidently…which hopefully also means less
conversations for HR!