MAKE WORK BETTER SERIES: Reboot Interviewing and Hiring with Gregory Tall

Join us for our talent management showcase highlighting two of our most sought-after topics that are guaranteed to make work better in 2022. Thursday, April 28th: Stay Awhile! Retaining Top Talent with Lora Haines With the pace of resignations hovering near an all-time high, it’s time to rethink the outdated retention strategies we’ve been relying […]

Empathy Plus Accountability Equals A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Organization with Jennifer Lee

Workplace Application: This session provides a recipe for managers to balance employee wellbeing with business results. Description: If you're a leader who has used the phrase 'during these unprecedented times' in the past 2 years, this session was built for you. Employees are juggling the pressures of personal and professional expectations all while STILL navigating […]

Become an InfluenceHR: Six Principles Guaranteed to Increase Your Persuasiveness with Brad Karsh

Location: New Orleans Theater ABC Workplace Application: This session provides HR professionals the skills they need to sell ideas and strategically influence decisions. Description: Anyone can formulate great ideas, but the most successful professionals know how that it's the HOW and not that WHAT that wins with the C-suite. Whether you run a huge department, […]

Stay Awhile! Retaining Top Talent Among The Great Resignation with Brad Karsh

Location: La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom C Workplace Application: This session provides tangible ideas to arm your managers with to increase engagement and retain their employees. Description: According to a recently Gallup poll, managers are the greatest drivers of engagement for their direct reports. People join companies, but leave managers. With the Great Resignation raging on, […]

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First: Banishing Burnout in Human Resources with Lora Haines

Location: New Orleans Theater ABC Workplace Application: Attendees will be empowered to put their own oxygen masks on first to set boundaries, preserve energy, and banish burnout to reengage with meaningful work. Description:   41% of workers in the U.S. report feeling burned out - and we imagine many more overlooked the question in this survey […]

A Crash Course in Rebooting Your Interviewing and Hiring Practices with Gregory Tall

Location: On-Demand Workplace Application: This session uncovers the keys to busting bias in the selection process to hire amazing and diverse candidates. Description: Employee onboarding, training, and retention can cost up to 200% of annual salary, making it a business imperative to hire the candidates who are the best additions to your workforce and culture. […]

Setting Expectations, Delegating, and Appreciating with Brad Karsh

        This course covers the ins and outs of delegating effectively without micromanaging, setting clear expectations and responsibilities to maintain team alignment, and amplifying the impact of your appreciation by personalizing your approach. Why Managers Love This Program: ☑ Covers the ins and outs of delegating effectively without micromanaging ☑ Explains how […]