Great or GRAY Expectations?

According to a recent Gallup poll, less than four in ten young employees say they even know what’s expected of them at work. Are your employees struggling with gray expectations?

We surveyed managers around the world and found these to be SOME of their greatest struggles at work:

☑️ Strengthening morale through uncertainty
☑️ Onboarding new employees in a hybrid setup
☑️ Managing overwhelm on an understaffed team
☑️ Encouraging ownership and accountability

In many cases, it’s up to the manager to guide their employees starting from onboarding through performance conversations and development opportunities. In our management track, we suggest managers start simple and build up to more nuanced topics as they build their leadership toolbox.

Managing to Lead ‘Series’

Adjusting Styles As A Manager

Setting Expectations, Delegating, and Appreciating

Giving Feedback

Managing Through Change

Next Level Leadership Topics

Inclusive Management

Coaching Fundamentals

Empathy + Accountability

Leading To Greatness