How to Nurture Organizational Resilience During Periods of Change

Cultivating team resilience during periods of change is crucial for managing through the change curveballs and ensuring long-term organizational success.

Here are some tips for managers navigating workplace changes:

🗣️ Open Communication

  • Foster and model transparent communication with your team by keeping them well-informed about the changes and the reasons behind them. Don’t have an update for them? Let them know that you don’t have an update at this time – but that you’ll continue to keep them in the loop.
  • Provide a roadmap for how the changes will be implemented and how they will impact day-to-day operations.

👀 Seek Feedback

  • Be approachable and encourage team members to share their concerns and ideas throughout the process of change – not just after the change has been adopted.
  • Make adjustments to your management approach to demonstrate that their input is heard, valued, and incorporated. 
  • Encourage a learning culture where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for improvement.

🫶 Empathetic Leadership

  • Understand that change can be challenging for your team members and acknowledge the impact on mental health and well-being.
  • Practice empathy and actively listen to their concerns. Be open about your own experiences with change and share strategies that have helped you cope.
  • Set boundaries and encourage your team to do the same to prevent burnout.

📖 Learning Culture

  • Keep yourself well-informed about the reasons behind the change and the expected outcomes. Ask questions – especially if your direct reports don’t have the line of insight as to why this change is happening.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and best practices related to the changes occurring in your workplace, so that you can be a go-to ‘expert’ for your team members.
  • Demonstrate resilience and model the behaviors/attitudes you expect from your team. Your ability to adapt and lead through change sets the tone for the entire team.

🎉 Celebrate Successes

  • Empower your team by giving them ownership over certain aspects of the change process.
  • Recognize and celebrate small victories and achievements along the way.