Case Study: Madison Industries

“Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. At Madison, you belong.​ At Madison Industries, our strength lies in our differences.  Our family of businesses is stronger and can make the world safer, healthier and more productive when we create an equitable, inclusive culture that encourages our authentic selves.”

The Challenge

Madison’s DEI Council, composed of global employees from the various 70+ companies in the portfolio, was challenged with launching DEI training for all people managers to provide ongoing development opportunities and collective awareness.

Madison needed a partner who could adopt their mission wholeheartedly, customize content to meet the needs of their complex business model, and present content to leaders in a way that was interesting, memorable, and action-oriented.

Nothing makes us happier than to look at our virtual calendar and see an explosion of learning – virtual workshops, keynotes, coaching, and consulting projects happening in all time zones of the world.

Every day, we foster the pursuit of learning and excellence in the workplace. Every day, we build stronger leaders, clearer communicators, powerful presenters, and respected managers. Every day, we Make Work Better.


JB Training supported Madison with the design and delivery of two custom programs featuring:

On Second Thought:

Busting Unconscious Bias

Making the World

More Equitable

Inclusive Management



All sessions were globally inclusive (participants from 40 countries represented)

Every session was interactive and designed to advance DEI education/conversation and networking across Madison companies

Every session was customized with integration of Madison's core values & DEI commitment


training sessions conducted

Part A Total Attendees

Part B Total Attendees


would recommend program


In your opinion, what was the greatest impact from the training sessions?

Positive feedback from our leadership and teams on the great energy, educational insight, and new learnings. Hearing that the training sessions outdid their expectations in a positive ways was rewarding. 

Any other key successes from the training sessions that stand out to you? 

It was so well received that leaders wanted their direct reports and teams to be a part of the training. It was also a great opportunity for us to bring our international teams together and hear the different cultural differences with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion. Having the wrap up and take aways were helpful for our teams to put learnings into action for their teams.

JB’s mission is to Make Work Better.  How have Madison/JB made work better for Madison employees through this partnership? 

Working with the JB team is seamless and such a great partnership. The team actually listens to our intentions and needs of what we want to cover and the impact we want to make. The partnership in terms of customization for our mission and culture, deliverables, organization, and execution makes JB a diamond amongst the rest. The content is not only resourceful and educational, and also relatable which makes for a well resonated experience.

Quotes From Participants

“It was excellent – informative and interactive. At first I assumed the breakout sessions would be more uncomfortable than effective, but as the session went on, I was incorrect. They were very open and informative.”

“I was blown away. Not only was the structure of the session impressive and productive (including the moderator) but it generated some of the most honest and transparent discussion on very controversial and challenging topics that I have ever experienced.  Usually in these sessions the conversations are very surface level and I never walk away with thoughts on how to make the workplace/world better but my brain is swirling with things that I’ve learned/my eyes were opened to and tangible solutions I can take forward into the workplace.”

“Greg was a very happy, well informed, upbeat moderator that knew how to keep me interested.  3 hours is long but my co-workers and myself agreed that it went by fast and was actually enjoyable!  Well done.”