Building Belonging: Remote and Hybrid Teams

This engaging course gives managers the tools they need to advance their leadership skills to create high-performing, inclusive teams.



Virtual or In-Person

Do not let hybrid and remote work set back your progress in creating high-performing, inclusive teams! With more employees working remotely or on a hybrid schedule, there are a host of new challenges and opportunity areas that leaders face. How do managers establish and build trust with diverse teams when there are fewer opportunities for “water cooler” chat? Does the need to “schedule a call” cut back on in-the-moment feedback or impromptu spot coaching? How might you mitigate bias when delegating, giving recognition, or offering new projects to team members? The great news is that there is opportunity to break down even more barriers and truly thrive in our new world of work. In this dynamic program, we take a deeper dive into Inclusive Management to ensure we are building trust, inspiring great work, and creating collaborative teams no matter how or where we work. This session creates the space needed to identify trouble areas and brainstorm inclusive practices for moving forward. Through interactive discussions and real-life scenarios, participants take a hands-on approach to honing their skills as an inclusive and effective manager. Everyone leaves with tangible techniques and tools to be an inspiring manager for diverse and dispersed teams.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Create an inclusive team culture no matter your mode - remote, hybrid, or in person

Determine techniques for meeting team members where they are – literally and figuratively

Combat proximity bias and recency bias when it comes to advancement opportunities

Identify a structure for coaching, feedback, mentorship, and sponsorship to develop your team

Build accessible development pathways and embrace innovative management ideas


Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions



What Would You Do?Navigating Pressing Societal Issues

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