Building Resilience at Work

This engaging program gives participants the insight and tools they need to build their resilience muscle to carry on during tough times.

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While every employee cherishes “the good times”, it is often the moments of failure, disappointment, or even loss that ultimately shape who we are. The best professionals overcome stress, anxiety, and disengagement in these times through the power of resilience. But what is resilience exactly – and why is this trait more important than ever?

In this compelling and timely program, we define resilience as the speed and strength of your response to adversity. The bulk of the program unpacks the 5 proven ways every person can build their resiliency muscle: It’s all about having a growth mindset, releasing circumstances outside of control, avoiding traps of permanence, preventing spirals, and fostering connection with those around you.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Recognize the power of resilience in your skillset

Implement techniques for constantly building the resilience muscle

Manage stress, anxiety and disengagement using the loci of control

Communicate authentically with your team, especially during uncertainty

Respond to unfavorable circumstances, even when you don't have the perfect solution

Find growth (and even joy) after persevering through difficult situations

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