Coaching Fundamentals

This timely program illuminates the power of routine coaching to help individuals level up and constantly improve.

People Leaders/Managers


Virtual or In-Person

Coaching is a critically important skill in motivating, inspiring, and engaging employees, and yet many managers would be hard pressed to differentiate coaching from other leadership techniques. The unique value of coaching in a working relationship is that the proactive and future-focused approach helps increase both individual and team productivity. So, how can all managers step up their coaching game and master the four core skills needed to be an effective coach? In this captivating program, we demystify the coaching process by acclimating managers to the three main management tools at their fingertips. Knowing when to give instruction, when to provide feedback, or when to be a coach is half of the battle. Once leaders are confident on each leadership technique, we introduce the four coaching skills: managing your inner fixer, asking strong questions, actively listening, and creating accountability.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Understand the importance of coaching in improving productivity, morale, and employee retention

Identify the right time to be a coach, give feedback, or provide direction

Listen actively to get to the root issue before diagnosing a situation

Guide direct reports to find their own solution instead of stepping into the role of ‘fixer’

Ask thought-provoking questions instead of simply providing answers

Place the ownership on the coachee to encourage accountability

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