Collaboration Hacks for Hybrid and Remote Teams

This essential program gives all professionals tangible ideas to make work better in a hybrid/remote environment.

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Virtual or In-Person

While water cooler catch ups, office banter, and desk drop-ins often made team collaboration more accessible or seamless in the office, professionals now need to be intentional about building relationships, fostering collaboration, and improving efficiency while working with hybrid teams. Many are still struggling with new operating procedures like how to strike the right cadence of communication with colleagues, how to make the most of virtual/hybrid meetings, and how to set and manage expectations while working remotely. How do you create the same magic of in-person team building online? How do you foster culture, maintain productivity, and continue to function as a high-performing team – even when you’re not all in the same room?

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Establish shared goals and prioritize tasks on your team and with your manager

Find balance in your communication channels – not too much, not too little, but just right

Make the most of virtual and hybrid meetings to maximize collaboration

Build an atmosphere of trust that allows everyone to do their best work

Maintain culture and promote ongoing team connection no matter where employees tune in from

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