Emotional Intelligence: Leading to Greatness

This program teaches the four critical components of emotional intelligence and how leaders can uplevel their EQ to strengthen teams and skyrocket effectiveness.



Virtual or In-Person

Emotional intelligence. It sounds like a fluffy soft skill that made headlines in the ‘90s, but it has cemented itself as an imperative competency for leaders in today’s demanding landscape. Effective leadership extends far beyond traditional management techniques these days. Leaders who possess a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ) have a profound advantage in navigating complex organizational challenges, fostering innovation, and driving success. Despite its seeming like a basic skill, low EQ can be THE downfall of a leader, and high EQ is not a given but a multifaceted skill that requires intentional development. In this interactive program, participants hone their ability to manage emotions in high-stakes situations, foster constructive dialogue, and resolve conflicts effectively to truly inspire high-performing teams.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Recognize their strengths and potential liabilities to increase leadership effectiveness

Solicit feedback, rethink norms, and practice agility to boost performance

Improve outcomes by managing emotions in demanding situations

Discuss the unwritten rules of engagement that affect team dynamics

Incorporate EQ into business decisions affecting talent acquisition, retention, and strategy


Performance and

Decision Making

Enhancing Team

Dynamics and Culture


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