Empathy + Accountability: People Development Necessities

This program empowers managers to find balance in their approach with employees.

People Leaders/Managers


Virtual or In-Person

Living through a time of uncertainty causes countless stressors – at work and in personal life. Employees are juggling all of these pressures while experiencing ongoing stress, and managers are unsure how to wholly support their teams. Managing in this demanding and often emotional time brings a whole new set of challenges, and the goals of driving productivity and supporting well-being can often feel like competing priorities.

In this eye-opening program, we shatter the false dichotomy between empathy and accountability. You can be empathetic while still holding a team member accountable for results, and in fact, our new normal of work is requiring this fine skill and balance. So, how do you show empathy and meet employees where they are to build relationships and instill trust? Even trickier, how do you hold employees accountable for business outcomes even during turbulent times? By simulating real employee experiences including work preferences, childcare issues, employee burnout and more, managers have the opportunity to practice this precarious balancing act and inspire performance to new heights.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Bust the false dichotomy of empathy and accountability and flex both simultaneously

Build relationships and trust while inspiring strong business outcomes

Set the tone for a healthy balance by validating the reaction and respecting the boundary

Assess the situation effectively to meet the needs of both the employee and organization

Find the balance, determine a solution together, and empower accountability

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