Creating an Open Feedback Culture

This program shows how to lay the foundation for honest communication, trust, and meaningful feedback throughout your organization and across all levels.

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Feedback is like physical exercise: good for everyone, hard to get started, but easier to maintain. Similar to exercise, you need to make feedback a habit until it’s embedded into your daily routine. Many people put off sticky situations or tough conversations until they become ugly emergencies, but the smartest professionals prevent messes by sharing regular doses of feedback. It’s all about building a foundation of trust and communication through open and honest feedback.

Companies are moving away from the one-time annual review to a model that encourages regular check-ins, spot coaching, and real-time feedback that is constructive for the future instead of reflective of the past. This program focuses on when, what, and exactly how to state what needs to be said to keep communication lines open in any working relationship. In the end, everyone feels empowered to deliver and receive feedback on an ongoing basis.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Balance caring personally and challenging directly (you can be assertive and nice)

Understand that everyone is better off when feedback flows freely

Implement a three-step model to reduce stress related to giving feedback

Fine tune delivery of bad news or constructive criticism

Pattern monthly conversations to keep lines open

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