Hiring the Best: Proven Methods to Assess Talent

This enlightening program explains everything you need to know to hire amazing candidates and avoid personnel mistakes.

HR/Talent Acquisition; People Leaders/Managers


Virtual or In-Person

You know that hiring the right employees is crucial to business success. Employee onboarding, training, and retention can cost up to 200% of annual salary. It has truly become a business imperative but still, it’s very difficult to source and hire the best employees. The biggest issue is that most professionals never learn how to interview, making the hiring decision a high-stakes gamble. Hiring new employees is simply too important to leave to chance!

In this interactive program, participants learn the tactics and skills to understand candidates’ true behaviors and how to assess their fit at your organization. It’s all about creating a conversation, asking behavioral questions, and probing on key skills. We even share best practices for aligning your competencies and company values to your interview questions. Throughout the course, participants have the opportunity to work through sticky scenarios that we see come up time and time again in the interview process – rambling responses, avoiding questions, asking follow-ups – and gain tangible takeaways to navigate the process and reel in the right hires for your company.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Take on the mindset of the candidate to approach interviews with professionalism and enthusiasm

Avoid the five most common interviewing mistakes

Conduct behavioral interviews that pinpoint a candidate’s specific competencies

Fine tune the interview process to prevent high potential talent from slipping through the cracks

Understand what is legal and what is not legal in the hiring process

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