Inclusive Management

This engaging program challenges managers to build their DEI toolbox and intentionally foster inclusion at work.

People Leaders/Managers

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Management

Virtual or In-Person

For managers today, it’s not enough to maximize team performance, exceed client demands, and hire a diverse team. Being an inclusive manager requires actively acknowledging what is happening in the world with your team, leading discussions that may feel new or uncomfortable, and constantly building a toolbox to promote inclusion and equity.

In this engaging program, we detail what it means to be an inclusive manager. It’s all about fostering awareness, encouraging habitual practices to be inclusive, inviting new voices to weigh in on decisions, and prioritizing team discussions on the topics of diversity and inclusion on a regular basis. With interactive discussions and exercises throughout, participants take a hands-on approach to tackling inclusion as a leader. The program culminates with specific ideas and tools to show up as an ally to your colleagues and direct reports each and every day.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Establish inclusive norms that improve the daily experiences for every team member

Create safe spaces to discuss what’s happening in the world and what it means for an organization

Amplify the voices of underrepresented or marginalized team members

Be an upstander – not a bystander – to serve as a true ally in the workplace

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Making the World

More Equitable

On Second Thought:

Busting Unconscious Bias

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