Influence: Leveraging the Principles of Persuasion

This program provides powerful insights that can dramatically affect the way professionals build consensus and persuade others.

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According to a LinkedIn study, persuasion is the second most sought-after skill in the workplace. As more and more organizations move to collaborative, cross-functional team structures, the ability to influence without authority is more important than ever. It may seem easy to come up with a great idea or new way to work, but the true accomplishment is convincing others to move forward with your recommendation. Great ideas don’t always sell themselves. Often, brilliant professionals are rejected or ignored simply because of the way the idea is presented.

In this engaging presentation, participants learn how to persuade effectively by using proven influential techniques to develop and deliver effective and actionable recommendations. We share the fundamental principles of influence and how each can be used in various aspects of business. Participants learn the power of influence and how to best deploy the principles in an authentic and empathetic way.

Participants leave this program with the ability to:

Understand the principles of influence and how to use each effectively

Determine which principle is most effective for a situation and present your idea confidently

Win over an audience and build consensus when pitching new ideas

Lead and persuade when working with colleagues, managers, and clients

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